L’Homme Magazine SL May 2021

A big thank you to all the designers who choose to join us, making this a huge issue, with lots of creative opportunities for my photographers, models and stylists. Thank you everyone, including my team Jeanne and Moon, for all your support and contribution to this wonderful May issue.

In this issue – We have a huge photography collection to trigger decorating urges, discover new places and events to visit, or be inspired to try a new fashion style. There is also a special feature of the photography of the Top Eight Winners of Neo-Japan Event Photo Contest(March-April 2021 Event round)! Congrats winners!!

On our cover – is MathewThomson, designer-owner of Mister Razzor BarberShop. His craft is essential for men’s grooming, designing beards, brows and tattoo designs.

Readers’ Group Gifts – Visit the stores listed in the box on this page to collect your gifts !

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Cover: MathewThomson (Mr Razzor Barbershop)
Photographer: Skip Staheli

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