L’Homme Magazine SL November 2020

L’Homme Magazine SL November 2020

A serious note to begin the last of four issues in the year 2020 – The world today faces an unprecedented crisis as countries grapple with the impact of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). It kept the entire world busy and we continue to adapt to the changes, doing our best to stop at any possible transmissions and to keep safe and healthy.

On our cover is Filippo Conundrum, designer-owner of [VAL’MORE] Corps – a self-claimed lunatic that creates things of several different styles, as his mind is constantly changing, but that is what we love about him and his work! Visit his shop and discover his passion and care for quality that is showing through each of his creations be it a simple bag, a complete outfit, or the delightful, animated bento weapons and accessories.

In this issue also, there is also a special feature of the Top Eight Winners of Neo-Japan Event Photo Contest( September/October 2020 event round)! Congrats winners!!. They will join us for the next round as the blogger in March/April 2021. The full results will be published in the next few days.

Readers’ Group Gifts – We thank our generous designers for the group gifts prepared for this issue.

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Cover: Filippo Conundrum ([VAL’MORE] Corps Designer)
Photographer: Sora F. Aurelia

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