Full of demands………


Hair: WASABI – Elenoire Windblown Hair from Elenoire Hair Gatcha , at The Arcade Halloween Edition October 6th to 31st, 2019.

Hat: [ ContraptioN ] – Death’s Mourn Top Hat at mainstore.

Top: [ ContraptioN ] – Noble’s Tailcoat Admiral Edition (Hunt Prize exclusive for the Steam XIV Hunt only) , the full version is available at mainstore.

Waist: [ ContraptioN ] – Benefit Cummerbund for high-cut coats) at mainstore.

Pants: GIZ SEORN – Rick Pants with Boots, at mainstore.

Cloak: CURELESS REDLABEL – Donatien Manteau , at mainstore.

Cane: [ ContraptioN ] – Standard Issue Cane, at mainstore.

Set :

Mist: ART NAMED CAPERING – {anc} mist cloud [HeavenlyBlue] flat 1prim at mainstore.

Items at The Arcade Halloween Edition October 6th to 31st, 2019
MINIMAL West Wing Castle Gacha
— Castle RARE
— Sofa 12
— Couch 11
— Chandelier Lamp Gold 2
— Gold Frame 6

DOMUS AUREA DESIGN Spooktacular Steampunk Collection
— 14 -DaD- Skull Lamp
— 05 -DaD- Evil Pumpkin
— 09 -DaD- Candelabra
— 02 -DaD- Coffee Table
— 10 -DaD- Spiders with book

[ REZZ ROOM ] British Shorthair Set Gacha
— 1 British Shorthair Vampire Animesh (companion) Rare
— 2 British Shorthair Animesh (companion) Rare

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