Never back down When the days up……..

Beanie: VRSION – Beanie (Includes HUD with texture changer for badge) at mainstore

Septum: |CERBERUSXING| – [CX] Aria Septum , L’Homme Magazine SL Readers Group Gift (AUG 2017, no longer available).
Nose Ring: GABRIEL – ::GB::Cross Nose chain Silver from Whimsical Gacha 2017 May , at mainstore
Lip Piercing: GABRIEL – ::GB:: Lip piercing (Catwa Daniel) Silver (Studded Center) from Bento Lip Piercing Gacha at Mainstore

Items from GABRIEL Love Tune Set at PocketGacha February 2018:
Hoodie — 1. (RARE) ::GB:: Pocket in hoodie Black and ::GB:: Neck on Head Phone
Pants — 12. ::GB::Denim Saluel Black

Tentacles: [CERBERUSXING] – [CX] Sentinel Tentacles and [CX] Sentinel Tail from Rewind : Y2k! February to March 2018
Male and Female Sizes
Fully Modifiable except contents such as scripts.
Animation HUD included with Idle animations to choose from.

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