I got my eyes on you………….


HAIR: DURA – NA10 (NONRIGGED) at ALPHA EVENT From Feb 22nd 2022 to March 17th 2022

SKIN: AVAROSA – HARU SKIN at KUSTOM 9 , Feb 15 2022 – March 10, 2022.

MESH HEAD: LeLUTKA – EON 3.1 (Evolution Xtreme (Evo X) is the Evolution line extension. You
will get all the Evolution line features plus an extra option, in their custom UV map.) inclusive of freckles, scar, elf ears, beard, piercing, hairbase etc , available at the mainstore.

EARS: SWALLOW – EARRINGS GAUGED S 04 (^^Swallow^^ EARRINGS GAUGED S 04 at FETISH FAIR from February 13th to 27th 2022 (EARRINGS SET FOR ^^Swallow^^ Gauged S Ears (Ears rigged for LeLUTKA EVO X)


NECK TATTOO: FEWNESS BOHEMIAN NECK TATTOO at The Epiphany , FEB 15th 2022 to MARCH 12th, 2022.

TOP: VEYARD – MANUK LEATHER TOP (please check with designer where they putting it up)

UNDERWEAR: THIRST – JJanuary 2022 – Wolf Leather Brief , at mainstore.

CHAIR: 22769 – TULIP CHAIR at The Epiphany , FEB 15th 2022 to MARCH 12th, 2022.

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