L’homme Magazine SL February 2022

In our first issue of 2022, I want to wish us all a safe year ahead, with good health and many dreams fulfilled. Stay strong, and remember you are never alone, choose to ask for help and you will find the right direction to beat your challenges. I would like to thank all Designers, Photographers, Stylists and my Staff for working hard in providing the best features for the magazine.

We are happy to welcome the uptrend of event organisers and new designers joining us, and we are looking forward to continuing working together to provide our readers access to more fashion news, events and places of interest, for the men in Second Life.

On our cover is Alex R. Vendetta (Dj3nzo Resident), Owner-Designer of VENDETTA SKINS.

In this issue will also be the results of the NEO-JAPAN SL EVENT Designers.

Collect your gifts at the stores listed, or on a notecard distributed via L’Homme Magazine kiosks across the grid in Second Life.

Join our Discord server for news and updates, or just to chat! discord.gg/CAJKj2x Enjoy! ❤

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Cover: Alex R. Vendetta (Dj3nzo Resident)
Photographer: Skip Staheli

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