L’homme Magazine SL November 2021

We are now in our 4th quarter of 2021, time passes by so quickly. Working on this issue, my thoughts wander to the designers in our virtual world and think how they manage to materialise one after another creative inspiration, giving us endless new fashion releases all these years. I am glad, and salute all designers, well-established big brands or new brands still experimenting to find their niche in the fashion world in Second Life. I will support each for their individual unique style and having more fashion options for men is always a major goal for me.

I am grateful to have the support from all the Designers that have been with us and happy to welcome the new designers who join us.

On the Cover Prayfxx, designer-owner of ARCHIVEFACTION. Prayfxx undoubtedly has an innate sense for trendy urban fashion designs.

We have a good mix of Fashion releases for men, Events and places to visit. A big thank you to all Designers, Photographers, Stylists and my Staff for working hard in providing the best feature for the magazine.

In this issue, we have a segment of a special EDITOR’S PICK of Halloween style that you can also enjoy which introduces four of MR SL Halloween Styling. Not to mention a segment on a SPECIAL FEATURE that introduced my gallery pictures that I have for the month of October. Not to miss this.

There is also a special feature of the Top Eight Winners of Neo-Japan Event Photo Contest for September-October 2021 event round! Congrats winners!!

Collect your gifts at the stores listed, or on a notecard distributed via L’Homme Magazine kiosks across the grid in Second Life. Join our Discord server for news and updates, or just to chat! https://discord.gg/CAJKj2x Enjoy! ❤

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Photographer: Skip Staheli

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