L’Homme Magazine SL NOVEMBER 2021 2nd Teaser

It’s coming soon….the L’Homme Magazine SL! 4th of November 2021 will be the release date!

Top 8 Winner of the NEO-JAPAN Photo Contest for SEPT/OCT Round 8 will be released on this issue too! so keep a lookout!

Editor Picks for Halloween styling consist of some MR SL Candidate

Special Feature for Hikaru Enimo Gallery Pictures and Much More!

Join the L’homme Magazine Readers group in order to enjoy the group gifts that will be provided by the designers…

Plus the L’homme Fashion show will be held before the actual issue of the magazine which is on the 31st October 2021 @ 9 am SLT!

Keep the date for the fashion show!


Issu Link:
Click here

Facebook Page: Click Here

Discord link:
Click here

Keep the date!:

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