This is the revolution………..


Hair: KMH – Hair F162 , at mainstore

HAIR ORNAMENT: |CerberusXing| – Tricera Kanzashi – Silver , at mainstore.

FACE MASK: |CerberusXing| – Merneith (Silver) , at mainstore.

NECKLACE: WICCA’s ORIGINALS – Valia Necklace at The Warehouse Sale Event August 23rd to September 16th, 2021

GLOVES: [The DeadBoy] – Killer Gloves , at mainstore

CLAWS: [The DeadBoy] – Asgoth Claws , a mainstore

TENTACLES: AII & EGO – Forbidden Ritual Animesh Tentacles at mainstore

HALO: NEFEKALUM TATTOOS Sobek Halo at mainstore

DRESS: CINPHUL – Council of Flesh (dress) at mainstore

BOOK: SOMNIUM – Summoner’s Tome at mainstore

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