If this is a dream, please wake me up…….

HAIR: STEALTHIC– Searching at Access Event , 12th February 2021 to 8th March 2021.

HAIR CLIPS: KOTTE – Fish Kanzashi Purple, at mainstore

ROBE & UMBRELLA: SPECTACLEDCHIC – Xin Yue Hanfu w/ Umbrella Kustom 9 15th February 2021 to 10th March 2021

DRUM: [LANEVO]– SHINYAKURAIKO DRUM at KAGAMI 2021 from February 19th 2021 (Opening date)

FLYING FEATHER: [inZoxi] – Featherdance Spiral – at Midnight Order at Midnight Order, event January 20th to February 20th, 2021.

ANG PAO: |CerberusXing| Ang Pao at Mainstore

LANTERN: |CerberusXing| Chinese Lantern 2021 at mainstore

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