Some of them wants to………..


Items from [CX] , available at |Cerberus Xing| Mainstore.
• Reforged Reaper
• XenoCircuit Night Collar
• Withered Bezerker Ear
• Derelict Spade Tattoo (BOM)
• Mara Horns
• Arm Bandages (Material Applier / BOM)
• Chiyou Legwraps

Styled with:
HAIR: MODULUS – Rory Hair at mainstore.

BOM Face Skin: STRAY DOG – Hikaru Skin for LeLUTKA Mesh Heads(HUD with three skin versions, Natural / Freckles / Rose Cheeks, browless included. Bakes-On-Mesh. Compatible with Stray Dog Body Skin) , at mainstore.

VEINS ON BODY: T r i s t a n (TF) Mort :: Veins (BoM) at mainstore

LIPS CHAPED: T r i s t a n (TF) – Gerce :: Original – Medium (BoM) Free gift at Midnight Order, event January 20th to February 20th, 2021.

TATTOO ON FACE: ONE 2K – Tattoo Face and Hurt / BOM system at marketplace

PANTS: TOKSIK – Isolate Pants at mainstore.

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