You’re the right time at the right moment…….

Taken this picture with my baby ♥♥

The song and picture I dedicated for my husband, I can be romantic at heart but damn it just happen at times ah? I hope you love this one baby..I love you ♥♥

Merry Christmas ♥♥♥

On Hikaru, at left:

Hair: EXILE – Mark , at The Mens Department , December 5th to 30th, 2020.

Top: THIRST – Knit Turtle Neck , at mainstore.

Pants: LAPOINTE & BASTCHILD S*WEAR – Tucked* Swear Havoc Ops Jeans , at mainstore.

Boots: LAPOINTE & BASTCHILD * SWEAR – Havoc Ops Boots , at mainstore.

Cat: Just Animals – Cat Playing , available at marketplace.

Dog: [Rezz Room] – Imperial Doberman Animesh V2 White (Companion) , at mainstore.

On Marcus, at right:

Hair: MODULUS – Ezra Hair , at mainstore.

Hairbase: MODULUS – Saul Hairbase , at mainstore.

Mesh Head: LeLUTKA – Connor 2.5 (Boundless – please do read the notecard in the pack) , Evolution Line Male Head , at mainstore.

BOM Face Skin : STRAY DOG – Petr for LeLUTKA Heads (Bakes-On-Mesh layers with three face versions, Natural / Dimples / Frown Brows. Browless versions included.) , at mainstore.

Eyebrows: Simple Bloom – LaraDawn Straight Eyebrows , at mainstore.

Eyes: AVI-GLAM – AG. Alluring Eyes , at mainstore.

Nose Chain: RichB. – Onizawa Nose Chain , at mainstore.

Bracelet: ROZOREGALIA – Lezato Bracelet , at mainstore.

Top: VUK. – Galvex Jacket with Turtleneck (Gacha) , at The Epiphany , 15th December 2020 to 12th January 2021.

Pants: [ DEADWOOL ] – Broberry Jeans , at mainstore.

Shoes: [ DEADWOOL ] – Oxford Shoes , at mainstore.


Building: .PALETO. – Backdrop : Decatur Street , at Man Cave Event 17th December 2020 to 11th January 2021.

Car: ANHELO – F01BL-159GA :: la voiture de grand-pere , at mainstore.

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