Thank you for all the support <333

The results are out and congrats to all the winners!!

I would like to thank you to my husband, Marcus, Moon (my buddy), and to all my supporters that have been supporting me all these years. There will no me without you all <33

Thank you to Kess and Trouble for this event.

The link to the results

Categories that I have won….
1. Winner of Best Urban Blogger sponsored by ASCEND
2. 1st Runner-Up of Best LGBTQ+ Blogger
3. 2nd Runner-Up of Best Event Blogger
4. 1st Runner-Up of Best Blogger Manager (for creators and brands)

Thank you for all the support! I cannot thank you enough for giving that to me! ♥

And also to my bro! Littlebearstarr!
Best Interior Blogger
1st Runner Up – Littlebearstarr
Congrats bro! ♥

P.S. ..pssss Runners up needs an award-trophy too! haha (hints to Kess and Trouble) lol

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