Aftermath of the Rez Day Party ……

Lets get Physical – Dua Lipa


Firstly the party last night was a blast and I am so surprised to see all of my friends who have not been connecting with each other for years come by to the party. Its also a blessing where you bring every walk of life dropped by the party. I am so blessed to have friends who still there to celebrate my decade-old in Secondlife.

I would like to thank you my baby, Marcus, Moon, Bear, YuYu, Cedric, Xuro, Wasabii and Lichi to get on with the party. The most will be Bear!The Decorator! He and I discuss what the theme decoration will be and he makes it happens, with some recommended stuff that I want him to bring it out for the decor. I know you will be panic Bear each time I asked you to do but you do it so well! Also thank you to Ex Machina designer too, Hattie for providing the building Maze to Bear so he can complete the dream party place that I have in mind. Not to mention you, yes you! who came to the party and make it happen! All dressed up and warmed up for the party! All of you make my day! Thank you and I cannot thank you enough for celebrating my Rez Day with me!

Thank you for all the support! I cannot thank you enough for giving that to me! ❤ Till then! Next will be Halloween Party….Get your Halloween Party gear on peeps!

The Sim will be open for photo taking if you want till Tuesday, or I may extend it, we see how it goes!
LM: Click here

Pictures from the Party: Pictures from the Party

The picture is from the entrance of the party….you need to go thru the maze!! >.>

Btw the song…is ringing in my ears all morning! Sharing it with you! Click above!!

Thank you! ♥♥♥

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