We are going through lots of things together……………

The story of me and my Dog named Chi is travelling and trying to cross the bridge and as you know Chi is scared of the bridge so I bribe him to eat Dorayaki first 😀 lol ;D

hope you like this one! 😀


Hair: TRAM – J0109 , at mainstore.

Backpack: CUBURA – Sunny Backpack , at mainstore.

Pants: CUBURA – Sniper Pants (gacha) , at mainstore.

Shoes: [ VERSOV ] – MAXOV LIMITED (limited edition, and no longer available)

Backdrop: MINIMAL – Cliff Scene , at Kustom 9 September 15th to October 10th, 2020.

Pose by WRONG – BENTO SIT STATIC MALE POSES – 73 at mainstore

Items from The Arcade September 1st to 30th, 2020 :
Visit The Arcade

HEXTRAORDINARY – Cream Frenchie Companion from Fantastique Frenchies Gacha

[Cinoe] – Sweets Placemat Rezzer (Rare) from See You Tomorrow , Japanese Sweets Gacha. (Eat and Drink able bento animation)

Blah. – Black Bag from Retro Games Bag Gacha

MUTRESSE – (18) Wearable Rare from Fluffy Squirrels Gacha (Animated with Stop/Pause option)

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