L’Homme Magazine SL is turning 6!
Celebrate this milestone with us and you could be one in 11 lucky winners to walk away with the following posh prizes.

LEGACY Athletic Body *Sponsored by L’HOMME Magazine SL
LeLUTKA Skyler Evolution Head *Sponsored by L’HOMME Magazine SL
L$5,000 *Sponsored by GABRIEL
FINER THREADS (2 L$5000 gift cards/2 winners)
L$5000 *Sponsored by DOPE+MERCY
STRAY DOG (2 Fatpacks/2 winners)
DURA (2 Fatpacks/2 winners)
REZZ ROOM (1 Fatpack of your choice)

The rules are simple:-
✤ Join the L’HOMME Magazine SL Reader’s Inworld Group.(for more information)
✤ Join the L’HOMME Magazine SL Discord channel.
✤ Join the #Giveaway Channel and click on the reaction of the items that you want to win. You can even click to all of the giveaway items.

Hurry! Contest ends 8 Aug ’20, 2:30PM SLT
Winners will be announced at the L’HOMME Magazine SL 6th Anniversary party later on the same day


Discord link:
Click here

Issu Link:
Click here

Facebook Page: Click Here

Graphic by Marcus Lefevre – Enimo

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