L’Homme Magazine SL August 2020 Teaser

It is our 6th-year anniversary issue! It is getting closer, the date will be on the 4th of August 2020.

Join the L’homme Magazine Readers group in order to enjoy the group gifts that will be provided by the designers…

Not to mention we have a raffles giveaway by joining our discord channel! We have 11 prizes to be given away during the ANNIVERSARY by joining our giveaway bot. More information will be given out later today!

Plus the L’homme Fashion show will be held on the 2nd August before the actual issue of the magazine which is on the 2nd August 2020 @ 9 am SLT!

Keep the date for the fashion show!


Issu Link:
Click here

Facebook Page: Click Here

Discord link:
Click here

Keep the date!

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