L’Homme Magazine SL AUGUST 2020 Teaser

It is our 6th Year Anniversary Issue!

It is getting closer, the date will be on the 4th of August 2020.

Thank you for all the support that we have from all!

Join the L’homme Magazine Readers group in order to enjoy the group gifts that will be provided by the designers.


Issu Link:
Click here

Facebook Page: Click Here

Discord link:
Click here

Hi everyone & Designers

We are celebrating our 6th anniversary with our August issue and we are looking for quotes from you to use throughout the issue. Your quote can be congratulations, what the magazine means to you, what was your favourite issue — anything.

Send me and Jeanne an email with your quote to hikaruenimo@gmail.com and jeanne.sahara@gmail.com or drop me a notecard. Deadline 31st July 2020

Thank You!

Keep the date! <333

L'Homme Magazine SL Team

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