L’Homme Magazine SL May 2020

Stay Home. Stay informed. Stay Safe.

With this May 2020 issue, we are moving quickly towards the 3rd quarter of the year, and we must together endeavour to overcome the Covid19 (coronavirus disease 2019). STAY HOME – we have to break the chains of transmission. Let’s keep our spirits up, keep our minds occupied, and use this time at home to perhaps do what you’ve always hoped for time to do, or learn something new.

On our cover is Chiaki Xue, designer-owner of Dura Hair Shop. DURA has accompanied us through the evolution of Second Life hair from Flexi to mesh, creating original hair with a distinct style capitalising on their expertise in layering and daring cuts, and boasting a huge selection of men’s hair with a Japanese flair. Thank you Chiaki team for creating quality stylish hair!

In this issue also, there is also a special feature of the Top Eight Winners of Neo-Japan Event Photo Contest(March/April 2020 event round)! Congrats winners!! . They will join us for the next round as the blogger in September/October 2020. The full results will be published in the next few days.

Readers’ Group Gifts – We thank our generous designers for the group gifts prepared for this issue.

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Cover: Chiaki Xue
Photographer: Skip Staheli

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