You got power over me……….


Items from NEO-JAPAN SL EVENT (Now Open!)
Event Duration: 28th March to 19th April, 2020
Event Venue: Neo-Japan SL Event
Neo-Japan SL Event Website:

Hair: RAVEN BELL – Rain Hair (includes sizes to fit different clothing. unisex.)

Hat: [ k o s m ii ] – Maru Uchikatsugi (black)

Bracelet: ROZOREGALIA – Agatha Bracelet

Tattoo: BOLSON – Batou

Top: TOKSIK – Isolate Top Dragon (black)

Throw Weapon: W-ZERO – -00- Syuriken

Mask on mouth: {Sakura} – Face Mask 3 (unrigged) , at Access Event , March 12th to April 8th , 2020.

Collar: Badwolf – Lupa Collar (black) , at Cosmopolitan Event March 23rd to April 4th , 2020.

Fingernails: – PENDULUM – – Aeterna Ring and Claw, at mainstore.

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