Is this what I am hoping for………..

Hair: VANGO – Evan at Men Only Monthly July – August 2017

Items from The Epiphany July – August 2017
AII THE UGLY AND BEAUTIFUL – {egosumaii} Enthralling Flames Gacha:
Mask – #4 Missing Eye L
Tongue – #3 Yokai Eyeball Tongue
Wheel – #13 Firey White Wanyudo
Sash – #5 Ittan Momen V2
Robe – #1 Rare Long Robe (Includes Texture HUD)

Tail: NAMINOKE – Godbird Tail, 3 sets worn here in picture (Hou , Ou and Hinotori) , at at Japanese Horror Event, Kagami Summer 2017.

Kimono : GABRIEL – ::GB::Koshikimono-summer Shiro (from the KataHaori Set Shiro. Each set includes Koshikimono, Sarashi and Katahaori. TMP/SLink/Signature) , at Japonica Summer 2017

Geta: GABRIEL – ::GB::Takageta (male) Black , at Japonica Summer 2017

Pose: DEL MAY – Backhander

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