I count the days………..

Hair: ACTION – Von Hair at Summerfest 2017

Necklace: GABRIEL – Ringnecklace (6. from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival 2016 AUG), Gacha at mainstore

Kimono: GABRIEL – ::GB::KataHaori Set Kuro (Each set includes Koshikimono, Sarashi and Katahaori. TMP/SLink/Signature) , at Japonica Summer 2017

Geta: GABRIEL – ::GB::Takageta (male) Black , at Japonica Summer 2017

Sword: THE COVENANT REALM – [:TCR:] Vengeance : Blade of Judgement v1.3
( No longer available. Check out other weapons at [:TCR:] https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/26924 )


House: [[RH]] DESIGN HOUSE – Nihonkaoku, beautiful traditional Japanese Summer House at mainstore

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