I only love it when you touch me……


HAIR:*Drot*Seven- Animated RARE (At the Arcade march 2016)
SUNGLASSES: HAYSURIZA Eyewear Sahara (monotone M) (at on9)
HEADPHONE: -David Heather-Headphones/Scripted/M (At the Arcade march 2016)
HELMET: HAYSURIZA Eyewear Sahara (monotone M)

TOP:[monso] My Patched Leather Jacket (guys/ fitted) – White Patch (at the mens dept)
PANTS: -David Heather-Maharishi Pants/Grey
BOOTS: [ hoorenbeek ] Biker Boots – Men
BIKE: FatBoy Custom – Black – Extreme

[we’re CLOSED] grass field lush
-Virtual Decay- The Parking spot

{anc} happyendpark. merry-go-round gazebo 95Li RARE
{anc} happyendpark. color little chick (bleach) 5Li
{anc} happyendpark.pennant garland. stand.B (gold)2Li
* SORGO – N* NotebookStack

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