I do this often and how I want it…


JEANS: not so bad . MUNGO jeans

Items: Please Click Here for placement of items in the picture!
All Items from The Arcade December 2014

Pixel Mode – Writer’s Room – My Cup of Tea
Pixel Mode – Writer’s Room – Magnifying Glass
30.erratic / cwe – carrot cake 1
[ContraptioN] Field Technician’s Headphones *snow* rez
[ContraptioN] Post-War Radio: Good bye, Marie
dust bunny . vintage space heater . coal
dust bunny . winter bulbs
24.erratic / cwe – cushion / birdy
10_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Christmas Tree
{vespertine}faux throphy -dark

DRD ebenezers bed
DRD lonely chair green
DRD lonely chair grey
DRD ebenezers relaxing chair
DRD cuddle rug for ebenezers house
DRD old frames
DRD ebenezers fireplace

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